LGPT workshop at Reading 2-3 December

This weekend we welcome Network members to an international workshop held at Reading.  Speakers are: David Carter, Rachel Foxley, Kinch Hoekstra, Aleka Lianeri, Bonnie Honig, Sara Monoson, Jonathan Sachs, Phiroze Vasunia, Kostas Vlassopoulos, and Elizabeth Wingrove.  Paper titles are below.  For further information, please contact Barbara Goff, b.e.goff@reading.ac.uk

‘Greek anti-democratic thought and the shaping of early modern republicanism’

‘Losing Thucydides: advocates of peace in early modern Europe’

‘Translating Thucydides’

‘What’s Left of Ancient Democracy?  Translating a Politics of Conflict’

‘Staging Reception: Aristophanes’ Frogs and Political Moeurs in Absolutist France’

‘The Event of Genre: Tragedy and Melodrama, Oedipus versus Antigone, in the 1978 film, Germany in Autumn’

‘Socrates in Combat’

‘The Ends of Empire: Romantic Interpretations of Greek Decline’

‘The Modern Reception of Greek Political Thought and its Roman Conditioning’

‘Lukacs and Homer’

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