Association for Political Theory 2012 Annual Conference, October 11-13, 2012



Association for Political Theory 2012 Annual Conference, October 11-13, 2012

University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

Program Co-Chairs:  Susan Liebell (St. Joseph’s University) and David Lay Williams (DePaul University)


Proposals due: Monday, February 20, 2012


The Association for Political Theory (APT) invites proposals for its tenth annual conference, October 11-13, 2012, at the University of South Carolina. The Association for Political Theory welcomes proposals from faculty, graduate students who have completed all requirements except for their dissertations, and independent scholars on all topics in political theory, political philosophy, and the history of political thought. We also encourage faculty to volunteer to serve as chairs and/or discussants.


How to Apply: To apply online, visit the APT website, and follow conference links. Abstracts of 300-400 words are due by midnight PST on Monday, February 20, 2012.   Please review the proposal guidelines below before completing a proposal form.   Each participant may submit one paper and one co‐authored paper proposal.  Please note that the APT Conference does not accept panel or roundtable proposals.  Each participant is required to submit a proposal form, even if the proposal is part of a co‐authored paper.


Chairs/Discussants: If you wish to participate as a chair and/or discussant, please note your areas of expertise and interest in the relevant box on the proposal form. Presenting a paper does not preclude one from serving as a chair or a discussant in another panel.  Chairs and discussants must have a completed PhD.


Pre‐circulation requirement: All papers accepted for the conference must be submitted electronically to an archive on the APT website no later than October 1, 2012.  Paper lengths should not exceed 30 double‐spaced pages of text so that discussants may provide suitable feedback.  The archive will be password‐protected so that access is limited to members of APT. Participants who fail to submit their paper to the archive by October 1, 2012 will be removed from the program.


Participation in the conference requires membership in the Association. Membership is free. Papers are available to APT members only, so conference participants will need to join APT in order to receive access to the archive. Visit the APT website and follow the links,, to submit a membership application.


Questions and assistance: For questions about the program or proposal guidelines, or if you have any difficulty submitting a proposal, please contact the Program Committee Co‐Chairs, Susan Liebell ( and David Lay Williams (


To learn more about the Association and its annual conference, please visit the APT website at:


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